Given the unavoidable retirement of the baby boomers -why is there such a resistance to effective succession planning? Because it touches us as human beings in ways we prefer not to think about.
Fear of the unknown
Fear of becoming irrelevant
Fear of retirement and beyond
Fear that someone will actually replace us

That our current role and responsibility must change
That we need to give emerging leaders the opportunity to lead
That we have neglected building a plan for the next phase of our lives

Significant amounts of compassion, counseling and coaching are essential in effective succession planning programs.  Beginning the process with validation and gratitude for the contributions of the current leaders is a good place to start. Dealing with the human element of succession is not a side element of the planning process but the central element that will speed and improve the entire endeavor.  The commitment, passion and engagement that have contributed to the organization's success will also hold it back if we do not actively and compassionately recognize it and deal with it creating dignity and appreciation.